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Thank you for your interest in Dice’s first-ever Equality in Tech Report, Equality in Tech Report presenting perspectives from technologists on racial and gender equality in the tech world and within their organizations. The report, separated into distinct sections focusing on race and gender, includes data on technologist perception of discrimination and equality in their roles and careers, how important diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and values are to technologists, and how they believe their current organizations are performing in these areas.

We are not asking for your contact information or any kind of form submission to gain access – the report is open and available to everyone.
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Our mission in releasing this report is to raise awareness around social inequality in tech, including gender and racial inequality and discrimination. The data and content presented in this report is important, and we want to get it in front of as many readers as possible.

Please share the Equality in Tech Report with your family, friends, colleagues and wider network as we seek to make a difference, together.

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