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How to Build Your Brand Reputation to Win Tech Candidates’ Trust

From Strategy to Execution

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About the eBook

Building a funnel of active and passive tech candidates for the organizations you represent requires a robust brand; one which is deliberate, data-driven and nurtured. Historically, "employer brand" has only referred to the brand of the organizations looking to hire and retain staff, but your brand as a recruiter is just as important.

In an ultra-competitive tech hiring landscape, brand reputation is proving to be an increasingly crucial differentiating factor in a technologists' decision to work with you and/or your organization and ultimately, to accept a job offer. In this eBook you'll learn how to:

  • Develop and enhance your personal brand as a recruiter (as well as your agency or organization's brand with technologists) 
  • Use personas to better understand and connect with technologists 
  • Transform passive candidates into accepted offers 
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