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Make Way for Gen Z

Recruiting the Next Generation of Talent

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About the Webinar

Katrina Kibben Founder and Principal Consultant, Three Ears Media

The next generation of talent, Gen Z, is here. While this is good news for employers, finding and hiring these post-Millennials will require a shift in your recruiting mindset. 

For example, while Gen Z is psychologically motivated by the same things as most generations – salaries, growth and job security – they're going to explore new ways of finding work. And they're going to demand an evolution from the tedious processes so fundamental to recruiting today. 

In this webinar sponsored by Dice, you'll hear from Katrina Kibben of Three Ears Media and Amanda Crosby-Rickman of Envoy on what this strong-willed generation really wants in an employer. You’ll learn:

  • Why Gen Z is different from other generations
  • Where to find this new generation of talent – online and offline
  • Tactics you can use to effectively recruit them
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