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About the Webinar

Derek Zeller Director of Recruiting Solutions, Engage Talent

"Time kills deals" is one of Derek Zeller's favorite things to say when waiting for feedback from a hiring manager. In today's ultra-tight tech market, this statement is truer than ever before.

Complete this short form to hear from Zeller, Director of Recruiting Solutions for Engage Talent, on how he uses out-of-the-box tactics to quickly identify and engage talent.

Zeller draws from more than 20 years in the recruiting industry and has experience with both third-party agency and in-house recruiting companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Booz Allen, GEICO and more.

In this on-demand webinar sponsored by Dice, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find and use high-quality materials to get educated in tech
  • Communicate with candidates and impress them with your industry knowledge
  • Source efficiently using simple Boolean to tighten search strings
You won't want to miss out on Zeller's ideas – they'll help you take a more strategic approach by mastering the tech behind tech.